Prepositions in OET

Prepositions in OET

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language test for healthcare professionals who want to work in the UK. The test assesses your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in a healthcare setting.

One of the challenging parts of the OET is the writing section. While grammar is only one part of assessment, it's important to be able to use correct verb and preposition combinations. Here are some common verb and preposition combinations that you need to learn for the OET:

    • agree with
    • take care of
    • Diagnose with
    • Treat with
    • Operate on
    • Consult with
    • Refer to
    • Admit to
    • Discharge from
    • Prescribe for
    • Dispense to
    • Administer to
    • Monitor for
    • Observe for
    • Test for
    • Treat for

These are just a few common examples of common verb and preposition combinations. You should study these but also find more examples in the OET preparation materials. You also need to join a school like SET English to study the exam more seriously with specialist teachers.  

It is important to practice using these verb and preposition combinations in your writing and speaking.

You can do this by:

  • Reading OET sample materials
  • Watching OET practice videos
  • Taking part in OET practice tests
  • Speaking with a native English speaker

The more you practice, the more confident you will become with using verb and preposition combinations in the OET.

Good luck!



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