Key Verbs for OET: Entering a Clinic or Hospital

In the Occupational English Test (OET), which assesses language proficiency for healthcare professionals, certain verbs are commonly used to describe when patients enter a clinical setting. Here are some essential verbs you can use in OET writing related to entering a clinic or hospital:

  1. Admitted: This verb is used when a patient is officially accepted into a hospital for treatment or observation. For example, "Mrs Smith was admitted to the hospital for further tests."
  2. Presented: In medical contexts, "presented" refers to how a patient's symptoms or condition are observed or described upon arrival. For instance, "Mr Jones presented with severe abdominal pain.
  3. Visited: When patients go to a clinic or hospital for consultation or examination, the verb "visited" is appropriate. For instance, "Mrs Richards visited the specialist for a follow-up appointment."
  4. Returned: This verb is used when a patient comes back to a healthcare facility for additional treatment, follow-up, or review. For example, "Mr Smith returned to the clinic after completing the prescribed medication."
  5. Brought: When someone accompanies a patient to a clinic or hospitalthe verb "brought" is used. For instance, "Joshua was brought by his mother to the clinic."


PROBLEMS: Do we use ACTIVE or PASSIVE with these verbs? Do we say “was admitted” or “admitted”? Do we say “to” after the verb or not? Do we say “admitted to” or just “admitted”?

Here is a great video explaining more about these things: WATCH LIVE CLASS ON THIS

You can also see the diagram from the class here:



Allow someone to go inside 


Hospital only

Mr Green was admitted to our hospital 


To show yourself / walk in (you need to walk into the place and to show)


Clinic or hospital

Mr Green presented to our clinic

Mr Green presented to our hospital


To go / to attend  


Clinic only 

MR Green visited  our clinic


Go back / come back

Mr Green returned to our clinic


To help them go to the place


Clinic or hospital

John was brought by his son





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