OET Writing Tips: Please Note That

OET Writing Tips: Please Note That

 Please note that in OET Writing... 

One subtle yet powerful tool that test-takers can use in the OET Writing exam phrases like "Please note that". These seemingly innocuous phrases can significantly enhance the clarity and professionalism of your letters, thereby boosting your chances of success in the exam and in indeed in your future healthcare career.

Here's a list of common phrases used in the OET Writing exam: 

  • Please note that
  • It is important to note that
  • It is important to be aware of the fact that
  • Please be aware of the fact that
  • It is essential to note that* 
  • It is worth noting that*

*Are all these phrases the same? Watch our live class here to find out more: Please Note Live 


Why do we use phrases like this in the OET Writing Exam?


  1. EMPHASIS: one of the main reasons why we use phrases like “Please note that” is to emphasise or highlight a piece of information that it's important for the reader to understand what to know about. For example, it may be that a patient is having problems with medication compliance, and the exam taker needs to highlight this information to the reader. Here and in similar cases a phrase like “Please note that” can really help.

    2. ‘INJECTING’: sometimes when you're writing your OET letter it might be that you forget to put a new piece of information in the correct paragraph. Rather than rewriting the whole paragraph it is possible to use phrases like “Please note that” to insert or inject information into another paragraph. It is as if we are ‘injecting’ an extra piece of information at the end of the paragraph

    3. KNOWING BUT NOT DOING: Finally, it is common for students to use Please note that in the final paragraph of the OT letter to give information that the reader should know about but not do. In the context of the final paragraph it will be clear to the reader that this is something important that the reader should note but that however they they should not act upon.


In conclusion, by incorporating phrases like the above can be done for various reasons. Using “Please note that” in your written letters can help to place emphasis on important information, flexibly insert information into a paragraph if it’s been forgotten, or tell the reader that this is to be known but not necessarily acted upon.


Good luck in your exam!



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