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OET Mektup İncelemeleri

OET Mektup İncelemeleri


  • After you purchase, we contact you to explain next steps.
  • Write your OET letters and email them to us.
  • We will reply with corrections & feedback.
  • We will give you a grade and explain why.

✔ SET will send you materials

SET provide OET Writing materials (case notes) for you to write letters. If you wish to use your own materials, you can do this by request.

✔ Write your letter & send to us

Write your letter and email it directly our marking team for grading and feedback.

✔ We reply with feedback

We will respond within 3 working-days with our grade, corrections and feedback.

✔ We give a grade & explain why

We will grade you and explain why the grade is what it is.

✔ Official OET School 🎓

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more.

3-working-day response time

We guarantee to return your letters within 3 working days.

Normal fiyat £45.99
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⚡ Guaranteed 7 Day Refund

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