A Guide to Choosing OET Courses: What you need to know...

A Guide to Choosing OET Courses: What you need to know...

Are you a healthcare professional aiming to work or study in an English-speaking environment? The Occupational English Test (OET) is your gateway to achieving this dream. Designed specifically for the healthcare sector, the OET assesses your English language skills in a medical context, ensuring you are prepared for the challenges ahead. It is recognised by the NMC and the GMC in the UK as well as in many other places like Canada, Australia and the US. 

Want to watch the video on this? Watch here: Choosing OET Training

Why Choose an OET Course?

Taking an OET course offers numerous benefits:

- Improved Language Skills: Courses are tailored to enhance your medical English.

- Test-Taking Strategies: Learn the best techniques to tackle each section of the exam.

- Increased Confidence: Familiarity with the test format and practice materials boosts your confidence.

Components of an OET Course

OET courses cover all four test sections:

- Listening: Understand and respond to healthcare-related audio.

- Reading: Comprehend medical texts and instructions.

- Writing: Craft clear and accurate patient referral letters or similar documents.

- Speaking: Engage in role-plays that simulate real patient interactions.

How to Choose the Right OET Course

When selecting an OET course, consider the following:

- Accreditation: Ensure the provider is recognizedby OET as a Premium Provider and you can check that here: Premium Provider 

- Experienced Instructors: Look for courses led by qualified professionals- do they know the exam specifically? OET is not a well known exam and you want people who specialise in teaching it...

- Flexible Schedules: Choose a course that fits your timetable- there are many online courses that offer felxible study, inc. SET English

- Practice Materials: Access to quality mock tests and exercises is crucial.

Success Stories

Many healthcare professionals have transformed their careers through OET courses. For instance, DrJoy, a general practitioner, recently pass OET in 1 month. You can see her video here: Joy. Similarly, many nurses have taken courses with SET as well as many other accredited providers and had great experiences. Wherever you go, find some training that works for you and use it to maximise your chances. 

Tips for Excelling in the OET

- Consistent Practice: Regular study sessions improve retention.

- Understand the Test Format: Familiarity reduces exam-day anxiety.

- Time Management: Practice completing each section within the time limits.


An OET course is an investment in your future. By enhancing your language skills and preparing you for the test, it opens doors to new professional opportunities. Start your journey today and take the first step towards a successful healthcare career in an English-speaking environment.

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