The SET Team


"Hi, I'm Paul! I'm the Director of Studies and a teacher for SET English. Meeting people is the best part of this job and also I love it when my students pass their exams. It is great to see their lives change when they come to the UK or Ireland.

We also know that people love our school. We are currently rated 5 out of 5 on Facebook and we know we have a very strong team of mentors capable of making people pass their exams. Check out our reviews!" 








Alain is a very experienced teacher and has taught in many places around the world, including Japan, Germany, and Spain. He has taught in language schools, universities and high schools. He has a Master's degree and a PGCE in English Language and Literature. He loves teaching online because he really enjoys doing useful classes that, above all, help people to their pass exams!








Amanda is one of our most popular teachers at SET, and consistently gets really great feedback from our students for her brilliant OET Speaking 1-1 sessions! She is very good at supporting students to allow them to build up their fluency and confidence quickly. Working with Amanda SETs students on the right path to OET exam success!  









"Hi, I'm Laurence! My focus at SET is OET Writing and I do a lot of letter grading, and I have to say I enjoy it immensely! I love the challenge that students face when writing a letter and it's my job to help them by proving detailed feedback and assessment. I love helping committed students to pass the exam and to pursue their careers in the UK!" 


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