As Well As - Part II

As Well As - Part II

As Well As

In our first class on ‘as well as’ we noted that this linker is generally followed by nouns and has a different listing pattern to ‘and’. You can check the video here: As Well As Class 1

In this class we show how there is an exception to the noun rule mentioned above. This exception causes OET writers a lot of trouble!

Sometimes in OET writing (Timeline & Request paragraphs) we can use something called a verb pattern to introduce suggestions / advice. A verb pattern is a phrase in which one verb is followed by another verb. A very common verb pattern is used with ‘advise’:

I advised my mum to buy a new car.

The verb pattern here is:

·       advise + object + infinitive

·       advised my mum to buy

In OET we generally use the passive voice in these situations, and so we must remove the object from the middle of the verb pattern and move it to the start of the verb phrase:

·       My mum was advised to buy a car



OK! Now that we understand that, let’s move on to making lists. 

Let’s combine the following three actions into a list:

·       live alone

·       cook independently

·       go for a walk daily

When we use ‘and’ we can use x, y and z and we follow and we follow ‘and’ with a verb:

-        Mr Smith lives alone, cooks independently and goes for a walk daily.

When we use ‘as well as’ we switch the list pattern and use a noun/gerund at the end:

-        Mr Smith lives alone and cooks independently, as well as going for a walk daily.


If we use a verb pattern, however, there is a surprise with ‘as well as’.

Let’s combine the following advice into a list:

·       lose weight

·       do more exercise

·       reduce alcohol consumption


·       Using ‘and’: Mr Smith was advised to lose weight, do more exercise and reduce his alcohol consumption

You would expect that we would use ‘reducing’ after ‘as well as’ in the following sentence, but we don’t:

·       Mr Smith was advised to lose weight and do more exercise, as well as reduce his alcohol consumption

We use the infinitive, like we do with ‘and’!


So, remember, when we use a verb pattern, with the following verbs:

  • advise to
  • encourage to
  • need to

…if you use ‘as well as’ you must use an infinitive, not a noun! You can find our video on this topic here: As Well As Class 2


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