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Full OET Mock Test

Full OET Mock Test

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Are you ready for the OET Exam?

Let us help you with the new OET Mock Test, a package that includes:  


✔ 1 Full Mock SPEAKING Test with Teacher 🧑🏻‍🏫

SET provide the full mock test experience with a 3 hour OET test. You start with the speaking test: we will give you 3 minutes to prepare and then you do a 5 minute role play with a teacher. You then repeat this once more. 

✔ 1 Full
 Mock WRITING Test graded by SET 🖊️ 📝

SET provide case notes and you write a letter on paper within 45 minutes. Take a photo and email to SET! We assess it according to OET criteria.    

✔ 1 Full
 Mock LISTENING Test with high quality materials 🎧🎧

SET provide a complete OET Listening mock test using high quality materials. Complete the test to get a full assessment of your listening level.   

✔ 1 Full Mock READING Test with high quality materials 📚

SET provide a complete OET reading test using high quality materials. Complete the reading test within the time limits to assess your reading level.  


✔ Mock test results with Expert Feedback and Advice 

SET provide a report on your grade and we also give advice about when you should take the real exam, or what areas you need to focus on before you sit the real thing. Our teachers are specialists and can give detailed guidance and tips.   


 High Quality Assessment:  Official OET providers 

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more. We are trained by OET and are recognised as 'Premium Providers'. 


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Try our FREE video course and get you lots of great tips and advice: 




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