OET Choose Skill

OET Choose Skill

Choose your specific topic of study! For example, if you want only Reading classes then you can have it!


You can start this OET programme any time you are ready. Simply purchase and we will contact you to explain our enrolment system.

✔ Daily OET Live Group Classes

All classes also recorded & available to rewatch same day. 1 or 2 hours of unique OET live classes, Mon to Fri! All classes = direct OET exam practice.

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✔ Rewatch any class same day!

You can rewatch any of our live classes because all classes are recorded!

✔ All classes = exam practice

All classes are exam practice focussed, which means that you will do the exam with a teacher and then get feedback, discuss answers, etc.

✔ OET Video Courses

Access our official OET video courses on your chosen sub skill or skills, PLUS access 500+ hours of our best live class recordings featuring exam practice materials! 

✔ 4 OET Mock Test Materials!

Access to 4 sets of OET mock test materials for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. Plus access to over 1000 hours of our mock test video classes!

✔ OET Worksheets & Books

Access to OET practice materials, inc. OET Sandwich e-book, worksheets as well our video collection. If you choose Writing, you also get thr OET Sandwuch book and model letter collection.

✔ Official OET Provider 🎓

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more.  All our packages can be started any time as we have a rolling induction system. 

All our packages can be started any time as we have a rolling induction system.

✔ Add 1-to-1 classes...

Choose OET 1-to-1 personal tuition classes with an expert tutor. Each session is 35 minutes - you can add 1 to 5 sessions to your package.

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