OET Skill Select

OET Skill Select

✔ 1 Month Daily OET Classes!

1 or 2 hours live classes every day on your chosen sub-skills, Mon to Fri! All live classes are available to rewatch same day! All classes inc. direct exam practice.

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✔ OET Video Courses  💻 

Access our official OET video courses on your chosen sub skill or skills, PLUS access 500+ hours of our best live class recordings featuring exam practice materials! 

✔ 4 OET Test Materials! 📄  

Access to 4 sets ofOET mock test materials for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. 

OET Worksheets & Materials!

Access to OET practice materials, inc. OET Sandwich e-book, worksheets as well our video collection. If you choose Writing, you also get thr OET Sandwuch book and model letter collection.

✔ Official OET Provider 🎓

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more.  All our packages can be started any time as we have a rolling induction system. 

All our packages can be started any time as we have a rolling induction system.

✔ Start any time...

You can start at our OET school any time! We have ongoing enrolment and flexible learning that allows you to start today!


Choose 1 or 2 OET sub skills that you want to study. Click the buttons below to choose:

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