OET Intermediate

OET Intermediate

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✔ 4 hours of LIVE Classes every day!

With 4 unique classes every day, Monday to Friday, and  classes are recorded to rewatch if you are working!


 7 OET Video Courses 💻 + 4 Sets of Test Materials 📄

Access to all our official OET video courses, plus access to 4 mock test materials for Reading and Listening. Want to try a course? Click here 

✔ 10 Model Letters & Regular OET Writing Tasks

Complete our OET Writing tasks after each LIVE writing class and get feedback from a SET English teacher! 2 full weeks of writing classes every month plus 10 model letters with videos for each one. 


 OET Practice Materials:📚 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking  

SET English provide you with OET practice materials for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  

✔ OET Live class archive: over 100 hours
 Reading & Listening classes  

SET English provide you with over 100 hours of listening classes and over 200 hours of reading classes.   


 Official OET Provider

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more.


 Want to try a free course? 

Try our FREE video course and get you lots of great tips and advice: