The OET Study Box

The OET Study Box

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✔ 1 FULL OET Mock Test with Teacher 🧑🏻‍🏫

SET provide the full mock test experience with a 3 hour OET test, including Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. After the test, we give you feedback and advice.  

✔ OET Writing Video Course

Access to our world famous OET Sandwich course, which is very popular with students. You can check out the course here:


✔ OET Writing Book

Access to a complete electronic copy of the OET Sandwich book for OET Writing, check out the first 3 paragraphs here: OET Sandwich



✔ OET Express Video Course

Access to our extremely popular OET Express course. You can check out the links here to these courses here:

OET Practice Worksheets & OET Test Materials 📚 

Access to all our official study materials and worksheets: these include vocabulary, listening, reading & grammar. 


✔ SET Model Letter Collection  

Access to our high quality model letter collection: SET's model letters are tried and tested in classes so every aspect of them has been scritunised for quality. Click here to see an example: Model Letter Example

✔ 20% discount on SET Training 

Purchase the study box and get 20% off all SET Preparation Packages including OET Intensive, OET Super Intensive, OET Extensive and more! Discount will be applied after purchase.