OET Super Intensive

OET Super Intensive

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3 Months: 4-5 Hours of Daily Live Classes!

All sub-skills everyday. Attended 4-5 hours of unique OET live classes, Monday to Friday! All classes recorded and available to watch again the same day. Compare Packages


✔ 8 OET Video Courses & Live Class Archive 💻

SET provide 8 high OET video courses and access to over 800 hours of exam practice live class recordings! 


  FULL OET Mock Tests with a Teacher 🧑🏻‍🏫  

Each test is 3 hours and you complete the full test: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening using high quality materials. After each one, SET will advise you on scores and when you should take the real OET test!


 8 OET Letter Corrections with Grade ✍🏻

We use official OET exam criteria. For an example of our feedback: click here


 15 Model Letters & regular OET Writing Tasks 📝

Complete OET Writing exercises every month after LIVE classes and get feedback from the teacher! 2 full weeks of writing classes every month, plus 10 model letters with videos for each one!


✔ Books, Worksheets & Test Materials 📄  📚

Access to OET practice materials, inc. worksheets, books, as well as 4 mock tests for Reading and Listening.


 Official Providers of OET

SET English is recommended as an official provider by OET on their website: find out more.